Himmeli - an unknown ancestral technic

The movement of a himmeli is perpetual.

The structure is so light that even the minimum current of air is turning the himmeli either to the right either to the left. The string holding the himmeli is turning until the ‘saturation’ of rotations and the himmeli starts to turn to the other direction.

An so it goes on.

The most of the time Himmeli uses natural materials. Here a straw of rye and tillandsia: an aerial plant,

height 37cm.

Himmelis are buit on rye straw, spelt or in sea or river reed. This ethnic one is made out of spelt.

Size 40cm x 40cm x 70 cm.

height 35cm

Two options for night lights:

 a hanging one and a table version.

height 21cm

The reed is a natural material ideal for Himmeli-making. It is beautiful, resistant, light and easy to transport. Now, in May 2021, Himmeli is seeking the solutions to use the reed of River Seine for its constructions. Several discussions with possible sources are ongoing. Even the possibility to use the reed from the Bois de Vincennes are in progress with the City of Paris.

Himmeli was present at the “Visit Finland” happening at the Embassy of Finland, Paris.

Himmeli with plant aerials and crystals

All the creations of the Himmeli are calculated with the golden ratio.

Each of them.

thes are the max sized  himmelis.

much biggers are almost impossible as the tube has to be both: very light and hollow.

size 37cm x 37cm x 37cm

Himmeli was décoration the studio of France5 for the program Les maternelless.

These structures were alive 45 minutes. Stable himmelis are never huge.